Does your business or community have a comprehensive action plan for emergency or natural disaster security services? Security for your business extends beyond prevention of violence or theft. After a major disaster, looting and disorder are common. Having an emergency response security team in place can help ensure business assets are safe while you and your employees are away.

Sudden natural hazards, such as earthquakes, landslides, fires or floods, trigger severe disaster situations with devastating effects. Financial service providers, disaster relief facilities and retail stores are just a few examples that are at risk of crime, violence and property breaches. Individuals and communities as a whole feel the impact of a natural disaster. Several agencies including law enforcement and first responders play major roles in the immediate response of a natural disaster and can be spread thin as resources are dispersed to alleviate immediate danger and provide emergency help. Emergency Response Security can augment local agencies, alleviating some of the pressure on them and directly help local businesses and the community.

The key reasons for being prepared with an emergency response security team include:

  • Immediate response of security personnel for emergencies or unexpected situations, including alarm failure, civil unrest and public hazards
  • Access control with authorised personnel access only
  • Support from armed and / or unarmed security guards
  • If any damage occurs, the security guard will notify you of safety concerns, hazards, and if it is safe for repairs to be scheduled
  • Continuous monitoring of situations as they develop
  • Security personnel communicate with local law enforcement, search and rescue, and first responders
  • Security personnel can assist on site as needed until business operations have returned to normal
  • Employees will feel assured of their safety and be notified of any unsafe zones

GDX Group offers consulting and emergency response security for you and your business, including patrol services. We have experience with major disasters and is ready to assist with rapid and effective solutions. We monitor situations as they develop, assessing the needs of clients and address any sudden changes. 

Always call us at 24X7 GDX Helpline 18604191889 if you are in immediate danger and need emergency help.