Often touted as the FUTURE OF FACILITIES, analytics are at the core of any efficient facilities management program.

The right analytic software, which integrates with the Building Automation System, or BAS, is an effective vehicle to centralise your facilities repair and inspections schedules, as well as create customised checklists for your maintenance teams to manage facilities workflow, track logs, and ensure all systems are operating at top levels of performance.

Within your analytic software, there is typically an option to track activity by either a Comprehensive or Performance approach, allowing you to focus your monitoring efforts that align most closely with your organisation’s larger goals.

COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH: provides an overall organisational strategy approach to facilities and operations management. It also provides top-level analytics and suggestions for continued implementation of new initiatives to maximise return.

PERFORMANCE APPROACH: tracks more detailed elements of the larger facilities management process such as costs, quality control, and risk management.

Your analytic tool is a value-add for your clients, through the reports it is able to generate noting current status, future scheduled maintenance repairs, and additional suggestions to maximise efficiency across their facilities systems and make them more “green.” As facilities operations efforts are a group effort, collaboration across teams is an essential ingredient to long-lasting success.

While facilities may seem like a straightforward operational necessity, effective management can spell the distinct difference between an organisation’s large-scale success and failure. Remember these top tips to maximise your efficiency, potential, and return from your company’s facility systems, and pave the way to proactive management and top impacts across the board.