Investigation Services

With over two decades of experience and with pan-India network of offices and global associates, GDX today is considered as the most professional, quality conscious and versatile Detectives & Security organisation providing investigation and security services to its varied clientele like banks, insurance, financial institutions, factories etc.We specialise in corporate intelligence and provide our clients with accurate and real-time informationabout individuals and organisations obtained through reliable and discreet channels, character reports, competitive strength and business surveys.

Mahesh C. Sharma, who has a vast experience in investigation and security, heads the Company. He is an eminent consultant and a Private Eye aided by team of experts from I.B, CBI, RAW and Police Services.

Verification of Antecedents-Pre-Employment and Post Employment

Scrupulously run checks, eliminate the chances of wrong selection and provide you assessment of personnel.

Verification of Insurance Claims and Insurance & Bank Frauds

Specially trained investigators provide in-depth stories behind these frauds and financial credentials.

Corporate & Commercial Intelligence

Before entering a business transaction with a company, GDX supplies you with confidential reports based on discreet enquiries. You will grasp the business acumen, reputation and financial stability of other party as well as any hidden business assets or liability that could be detrimental to your business. Armed with this kind of information you can structure the business or personal agreement with great care and wisdom.

Verification of Moveable & Immoveable Assets

Done by our expert professionals with documentary proof to equip you to successfully represent your cases in various courts.

Pre & Post Matrimonial Checks & Divorce Cases

Our specialists discreetly verify the family background, financial status that you would like to know about the would-be-in-laws and families before finding a right matrimonial alliance. We have experienced divorce detectives who have helped thousands of couple with their separation cases. Our focus with divorce cases is to help couples sort things out amicably and within the ambit of the law.

Litigation Support

We deliver a wealth of experience derived from our team’s expert background in International Investigation. We locate, identify and provide social evidence, background of witnesses and opponents, and recognise evidence in support of allegations of defence.

Business Fraud Investigations & Assets Tracing

When the creditor defaults or an employee misappropriates company funds, we immediately put our network to trace the missing assets.

Corporate Competition

When you anticipate competitive or proxy battles or business failure, we discover background information, corporate intelligence & strategies, adversary’s identification, intention and their resources.

Special Inquiries

We specialise in conducting inquiries on behalf Private/Public sector when an impartial, unbiased or sensitive inquiry is needed.

Trade Mark Infringement or Piracy

We undertake enquiries into Trade Mark infringement.

Industrial Espionage / Intelligence

In order to protect your interest against subversion, pilferage leakage of information or trade union, our expert professionals will conduct an in-depth confidential enquiry to the help management.