GDX Remote Monitoring

There are several reasons to avoid bloated software with features you don’t need. Moreover these programmes are more complex than necessary for you, which means onboarding and implementation will be more complicated and time-consuming. The team members in your office probably already have a lot of work on their plates and learning a too-complex IWMS/CAFM system may not be on their priority list.

If your staff doesn’t learn to use the software, it means implementation and adoption will be far less successful than it would be if the programme was intuitive and easy-to-use.

At GDX our goal is to make implementation smooth and easy that requires minimal training to your employees. Always remember that the best Facility Management Software requires less input from the IT department and offers a cloud-based facilities management programme at the root of business operations to ensure you’re equipped to not only evolve with the times, but thrive in an agile, competitive and unpredictable environment.