With the growing number of high-profile cyber attacks exposing millions of personally identifiable information (PII) records, concerns about data privacy, management and security have skyrocketed. In 2022, data privacy will no longer remain a single component of a security programme, but will become a programme of its own. Regulatory compliance requirements have continued to increase and will continue to do so in 2022, and organisations will be required to focus on their data privacy efforts moving forward.

Data privacy impacts almost every aspect of an organisation, from creating and implementing the corporate strategy to staying in alignment with security and HR throughout the process. Organisations should consider things like data privacy officers, record retention and destruction, role-based access control, encryption in transit, and network segmentation to assess where they can strengthen their data privacy.


Many companies miss a golden opportunity to strengthen their data protection efforts – creating a culture of cyber security awareness and education among their entire staff. A threat can’t be avoided if it is not recognised, and training for understanding cyber security risks is essential going forward. As companies continue to navigate the new challenges of cyber security, approaching their security strategies with a sense of urgency will separate those who are equipped to reduce overall risk and those who will remain vulnerable to the increasing attacks we face today.

While these trends continue to evolve, organisational leaders will seek out new ways to properly secure their data and defend against increasingly complex cyber attacks. The same applies to cyber security on the consumer level, and implementing a cross-platform antivirus programme can provide better protection for all your devices as we operate in the new normal of 2022.

GDX Group’s new vertical GDX Tech is working on Data privacy and is taking a larger role in the security of organisations across all industries, and we help you understand the areas of weakness in your business.