If you are wondering about concierge security and doorman officers, you should know that they are basically security guards with excellent customer service training. However, the concierge security officer and the doorman are also trained in unarmed security and client safety protocols.

Our security guard team can restrain unruly guests or employees, handle location incidents at buildings, while screening every package, documenting any incident, and serving each guest.

If you are like most people, you are probably wondering what a good concierge security team can do for your property. Concierge security is mainly used in hotels and high risk buildings.

Concierge security services can make clients, tenants or residents feel like first class guests in your business. They pay attention to detail to make your clients or staff staff feel safe and keep your property secure.

A concierge security guard is the first point of contact at the door and knows how to treat clients and guests so that they are made to feel welcome. Yet, they are also trained to meet your security needs as well as CPR and life-saving training.

If you are interested in a concierge and doorman security service, you should know that GDX Group provides top quality security solutions that have the qualifications your company needs. We ensure that our security personnel have previous experience in guest relations or security and our guards undergo a drug test as well as pass a criminal background check.

Considering that the concierge security guard or security manager is the first point of contact, it is very important that qualified guards are there to screen people and enforce all company rules and regulations. At the same time, they must also know how to make guests feel welcome.