A benefit of smart facility management that is not often thought about is “mitigating risk”. With tags, sensors and cameras, you can detect any risk or threat to the building occupants. Further, you can eliminate them swiftly.

Facility managers can also have a contingency plan in case of a physical threat. Threats can be easily detected using implanted tags, cameras connected to each other, beacons used for confirming a person’s ID and many other tools. This will help in avoiding security threats and eliminating them on a timely basis.

One advantage of GDX-tech is preventive maintenance. Every tool, machine and equipment faces wear and tear. With time, they lose efficiency. Through machine learning algorithms, GDX facility managers can get a clear insight into the asset’s health and predict when an equipment can fail. Thus, increase their lifetime and performance by providing repairs before they are needed.

So, before it becomes a major issue, you can deliver preventive maintenance. This avoids costly repairs, unneeded downtime and systems failing.

All in all, GDX-tech can keep a building running smoothly by bypassing breakdowns.