Students are headed back to schools and colleges. Facility Managers must conduct a full assessment of major and minor construction projects and develop completion timelines. They should ensure that campus is fully sanitised and in good condition, supporting the educational needs of the students and staff while they take a proactive approach to make the institute ready in these challenging times.

At the core of the on-campus experience is of course, ‘buildings’. Facilities are the framework of school and college campuses. Here are top 5 maintenance tips for Facility Managers.

EXAMINE THE ROOF: Temperature changes can shrink, expand and deteriorate roofing material, which leads to water penetration and damage. Therefore, it would be wise to ensure that the roof is well maintained to avoid any further damage.

INSPECT EXTERIOR PAINT: Damage from summertime weather like rain and wind can really deteriorate the exterior of a building and make for an unpleasant place for students and staff. Re-painting will help elevate the look and feel of the institute and protect the exterior.

EVALUATE MECHANICAL SYSTEMS AND AIR CONDITIONING UNITS: The A/C unit has been sitting unused for long. Dirt and sludge build-up quickly turns into odors, allergens, high operating costs and even degradation or the possibility of unit failure. A thorough inspection of all HVAC units to proper working conditions is crucial for preventative maintenance.

PEST PROTECTION: The warmer weather and summer typically draws out bugs and rodents. Facility managers should take preventative measures by spraying the property’s perimeter to keep out insects. Block off gaps, cracks and holes where pests can creep in.

LIFE SAFETY ASSETS: Life safety assets such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are absolutely essential pieces of equipment. All students and staff in the building need to have working detectors to alert in case of an emergency. Regular maintenance equals long-term performance. Perform preventive maintenance to ensure that all facilities and physical assets are working correctly.

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