HAVE YOUR ELECTRICS TESTED: Did you know that electrical equipment poses one of the biggest fire safety risks? Make sure that electricity risks are minimised by periodically inspecting, ensuring that equipment is used correctly by employees and immediately remove defective equipment from usage.

REGULARLY MONITOR THE FIRE DETECTION / WARNING SYSTEMS: A fire detection and warning system must be in place in all workplaces. Make sure that the smoke detectors are checked at least once a month and that the fire alarm is tested regularly.

KEEP AN EYE ON ESCAPE ROUTES FOR EMERGENCIES: By regulation, in the event of a fire, the office must have a way of getting individuals from the premises to a place of safety outside. This could either be down the staircase of the main office, or you may have an external fire escape or a dedicated hallway that can be used only in the event of a fire.
But when did you search the escape route for the last time? Is it possible for people to use it or is the corridor obstructed by tables, plants or other objects? As good housekeeping is important, your emergency escape routes must be accessible at all times.

APPOINT A PROFESSIONAL WARDEN OF FIRE: Is there a dedicated person in your office who is responsible for fire safety? There are numerous fire warden duties that, if neglected, could lead to serious consequences, so it is vital for the appointed individual to take the role seriously. In order to maintain the evacuation plan, to carry out a fire risk assessment and to ensure that fire-fighting equipment is present and correct, qualified fire wardens are must.

HEALTHY BREAKS OF SMOKE: Are your workers aware of the fire safety hazards that follow the mid-morning cigarette break, whether you have a designated area outside, or simply ask people to head away from the building? Ensure that staff are mindful of taking care of smoking, especially when discarding smoking materials that could easily light up nearby flammable materials, such as dry leaves, papers and textiles in garbage bins or spilt fuel in the parking lot.

GDX GROUP’S RECOMMENDATIONS FOR YOUR SAFETY: In order to understand how to recognise hazards, how to avoid them and what to do if a fire breaks out in the workplace, it is vital that all workers are trained in fire safety.