Healthcare facilities are in a uniquely vulnerable position when it comes to security, yet effective safety measures are absolutely vital for hospitals and clinics. Read on to discover our recommended security measures and why they are an imperative addition for keeping healthcare premises safe.

5 Security for Hospitals Recommendations

Access Control: Access control systems are one of the most effective ways to monitor who is coming in and out of the facility. With a wide range of technologies available – ranging from audio systems to PIN passcodes, you can ensure that access to high-risk areas is only granted to those you need. With safety as an obvious priority, a benefit of access control systems is that they can be synced to alarms – ensuring that nobody is trapped behind doors they can’t open in an emergency.

CCTV: As one of the most common security measures taken, CCTV provides careful monitoring across the entire precinct. Consistent recording and camera presence provide important information about anti-social or criminal events, documenting anything that may happen and giving you potential insight into incidents before they happen. CCTV allows you to notice something going awry before it gets out of control.

Alarms: A key aspect of comprehensive security are alarms. With the sheer size of many healthcare facilities, quickly communicating an emergency to everybody inside the building is an imperative task. Not only that, but fire alarms are a legal obligation, so it is essential to have the alarm installations to protect the facility.

Gates & Barriers: One of the most foundational levels of security a healthcare facility needs to consider is safe gates and barriers. Constructing fencing around the entire precinct allows for a secure border, limiting those coming in and out. Security gates can be adapted to fit the unique needs of healthcare facilities, such as installing gate automation for staff, which ensures entry is simple for those who need it and appropriately measured to limit those who don’t.

Covid Measures: Over the last couple of years, healthcare facilities have had brand new hurdles to overcome. As high-risk sites, it is essential that appropriate security measures are taken to make sure that everybody entering the premise is monitored and checked in. Systems such as Inventory work acts as an effective method of visitor management, providing options for temperature checking, presentation of Photo-ID and keeping a thorough record of everybody who has entered the premises. Not only does this protect healthcare facilities from unwanted exposure, but also provides further security measures across the board.