By continually monitoring every vehicle’s location, a fleet management system provides multiple data points to improve vehicle routing, including vehicle stops, mileage, individual driving patterns and other important management data.

Fleet management software lets you stay on top of operational aspects that impact efficient fuel consumption. This includes:

SPEEDING: Maintaining proper speeds can significantly reduce fuel usage. See speed events per driver and set up alerts that are triggered any time a driver breaches a specific speed threshold.

IDLING: Monitor unnecessary, wasteful idling and receive alerts any time idling has gone past a specific threshold you define.

FUEL MONITORING: Integrate fuel cards with software and run reports that show total fuel spend per vehicle and the location of each fill-up. Track miles per gallon, pinpoint causes of high fuel consumption, reduce fuel slippage (e.g. stolen fuel) and enforce fuel-saving habits.

GDX Group’s Fleet Management Service promotes security and safety by keeping tabs on how every driver operates every vehicle and knowing each vehicle’s condition before it hits the road. Our vehicle tracking can help managers understand where issues exist and where improvements can be made toward achieving safety standards that support fleet optimisation.