Establishing, developing, and maintaining a solid relationship with a client is crucial for sustainable business growth. Regardless of the line of work you’re in, making your client relationship a top priority will determine the success of your organisation.

One of the underlying traits of any relationship is trust, but it comes with time and can’t happen overnight. When you deal with mistakes ethically and humbly, trust comes naturally. This is also the time when the most profound personal connections are formed. Here are the rules for building client trust.

TRUST IS EARNED, NOT GIVEN. If you wish to build trust with your clients, keep in mind you need to do things in a particular way. Clearly, you will have to establish a strategy with deliberate actions that facilitate trust and build credibility. As a rule, we don’t start off trusting people in general, so why should your clients do the same?

BE UNIQUE. Even though it’s true that some people will hire services or buy from companies they don’t completely trust, that relationship only goes to some extent. Building trust with clients requires genuineness. Contracts are one of the ways to show you are genuine. They give clients peace of mind so that no one will feel the need to enforce the contract.

BE TRANSPARENT. Occasionally, being transparent means delivering bad news upfront. Eluding truth or hiding problems only leads to disappointment; therefore, admit and resolve as soon as possible if you make a mistake.

STAY TRUE TO YOUR WORD. Have you ever promised a client you would have that report ready by the weekend? Your team members may have run into a couple of issues that threatened to delay its execution. In that case, you probably have to work around the clock to deliver the report on time. This is one of the ways to build trust with your clients by staying true to your word.

At GDX Group we value every client, irrespective of its contribution to our business revenue, and we firmly believe that every client is pillar of our success today.