Organisations can leverage cloud-based platforms to collect, track and analyse fleet data in near real time. When combined with telematics software, big data can provide insights around a number of crucial fleet aspects.

DRIVER BEHAVIOUR: Safety is a top priority for every fleet. This includes how drivers operate vehicles both on and off the road. Combining big data with telematics lets fleet managers gather an accurate, ongoing picture of driving patterns pertaining to speeding, harsh braking, idling and other risky driving behaviours. 

FLEET MAINTENANCE: Getting ahead of vehicle maintenance issues provides valuable cost savings. By leveraging big data related to vehicle health and diagnostics and channelling it through a fleet management system, managers can proactively address vehicle issues before they become a problem.

COMPLIANCE: Fleet vehicles are required to use electronic logging devices (ELDs) to record duty status information and these digitally connected devices can be integrated into fleet management platforms to enable the captured data to be part of decision-making workflow. 

ROUTING: Without accurate data, it’s hard to know why a particular delivery is taking longer than anticipated, why certain routes are consistently problematic or if an unexpected obstacle is hindering a fleet vehicle’s progress. Having a real-time picture into weather, traffic, accidents or even routes can help organisations save time, improve customer service and save fuel. 

At GDX Group we leverage big data technology and improve fleet management by streamlining data-gathering and supporting informed decision-making.