Here are some do’s and don’ts with regards your fire safety as we aim to offer many of the
basics that are sometimes left out!


It can be quite confusing at times, just which Fire Extinguisher is the correct one to install in a specific place! Some suppliers will advise that a Dry Powder Extinguisher is a great option as it is suitable on Class A, B & C fires so almost a ‘one solution fits all’ mentality. Whereas another might advise you a water fire extinguisher for Class A fires and a CO2 extinguisher to deal with electrical fire. When recommending the Dry Powder extinguisher as a one fits all alternative, you are often warned of the cost incurred when purchasing the Dry Powder variant. Np doubt they are exceptional Fire Extinguishers and do exactly what they are designed to do but they can be also extremely messy, can be corrosive and very expensive. So, if you are at all unsure about which extinguishers you might need, just and contact a reputable fire safety company for some impartial advice.


On many occasions we are asked if there are any benefits to staff members having ‘live’ fire training included during their annual fire training, What many companies say is that they encourage their staff to exit the building and not to attempt to tackle any fire as this is always the safest option. While we would agree that this is a safe option to take, our argument to this is that a small fire of waste paper bin size would be safe to extinguish given the correct amount and level of training and potentially prevent this small fire increasing in size to a fully developed fire. So to conclude, whilst it is not mandated to have live fire training on courses such as Fire Warden Training, it should be highly recommended and something that all staff must be aware of. After all , you have fire extinguishers at your work place, why would you not want to know how to use them!

GDX Group does not sell extinguishers but we do do advice! We can also help you with all of your training needs, including Fire Warden Training and First Aid Training.