Personalised planning to analyse external and internal facility-specific demands and CCTV solutions can help in accessibility control, intrusion detection for an effective security.

Add Value To Your System With

DIGITAL RECORDING: State-of-the-art DVRs and NVRs supply optimal security and numerous advantages including seamless assimilation along with other protection systems

REMOTE MONITORING: IP-based video surveillance security systems, using existing corporate networks and the Internet to transmit and store digital images, enable monitoring of video data from anyplace at any time. Remote login and monitoring streamlines operations, increases efficiency and, most mportantly, decreases expenses. Off-site video archiving enhances on-site security by preventing local-system tampering

DOME / MATRIX SYSTEMS: Dome systems conceal the essential components of CCTV, and hence it is difficult to follow where the camera is aiming. The camera’s 360-degree range coupled with pan, tilt and zoom capabilities offers a broad range of views thereby reduces the number of cameras and decreases overall cost

INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR: CCTV options are created for both indoor and outdoor use, supplying clients with the maximum protection and security

COVERT AND SPECIAL APPLICATIONS: In addition to discreet dome systems with tilt-zoom functionality, cameras can be disguised as smoke detectors or even clocks

At GDX Group we with our modern technology, save a lot by installing video surveillance systems and installation can be done in a few short hours.