Investing in fleet management technology can help you determine where safety issues exist and where accident prevention measures and other safety standards can be improved.

REDUCE SPEEDING: Compare vehicle speeds against posted speed limits along vehicle routes, receive automatic speeding alerts, and track speeding incidents by driver and vehicle.

CURB HARSH BRAKING AND ACCELERATION: Identify when/where hard braking or acceleration events are occurring. Managers can also create customisable driver behaviour reports and receive automatic alerts via text or email.

TRACK SEATBELT COMPLIANCE: Seat belts are a proven safety measure, yet not all drivers use them. Use technology to remotely track and measure seat belt use, and get up-to-the-minute compliance reporting.

In addition, the data derived from fleet tracking technology can be used to coach drivers to improve their driving habits. The data can even be used to create a safe driving programme to incentivise drivers to adhere to company-wide safety standards.

GDX Tech’s Fleet Management Technology can help you get a handle on fuel usage and streamline routing for efficient operations on the road. You can realise:

IMPROVED FUEL UTILISATION: Fuel purchases are one of the biggest expenses for fleets. Use technology to reduce idle time and speeding, combat unauthorised vehicle usage, improve route efficiency and verify fuel expenditures.STREAMLINED ROUTING: Determine the most direct and optimal routes to destinations, improve response times with accurate turn-by-turn directions, and help avoid traffic backups or construction areas that could pose a danger to drivers and vehicles.