YOUR SYSTEMS ARE MANUAL AND INEFFICIENT: Productivity and efficiency are important tools in your belt when it comes to meeting today’s industry constraints and unpredictable business climate. Integrating your systems into a single telematics platform simplifies your operations and cuts down on manual processes. A seamless integration with critical systems and functions like your customer relationship management system, billing and HR is a time-saver for a busy fleet. This gives you significant business benefits like: | Paperless timesheets and notifications | Driver performance monitoring | Direct assignment of drivers to jobs | Summary of third-party work orders

YOU NEED HELP RETAINING YOUR DRIVERS AND RECRUITING NEW ONES: During a nationwide driver shortage that could drag on for some time, it’s important to retain the talent you have on your fleet while still presenting a desirable workplace for new drivers. Telematics helps make life easier for your drivers and makes it possible for them to be as efficient as possible. Driver-specific apps give drivers benefits like: | Access to important work order details | Ability to capture job notes, photos and signatures from the field | Available turn-by-turn directions and alerts

YOU ARE LOOKING FOR WAYS TO KEEP DRIVERS MOTIVATED AND SAFE: Beyond giving your drivers the tools they need to be efficient, we know you are always looking for ways to keep them encouraged and safe. Utilise the information telematics provides to gamify safe driving behaviours.

At GDX Group we suggest you telematics so that you can survey and monitor safe driving speeds, including specific thresholds for private roads or hazardous areas. Keep a tally of who has the best record for keeping their driving at a safe speed and reward the best drivers. Similarly, GDX Tech’s fleet tracking management software can monitor other unsafe habits like aggressive driving or harsh braking. Motivate your drivers to be safe behind the wheel with a fleetwide leaderboard.